Tinkerbell's page is up! We're stilling looking for help, read below for details!

My apologies once again, faithful fans...it seems Christy's computer is not allowing her to update ths site via the methods I have set up, so I am back again to plead for someone who is familiar with HTML and FTP uploading to help her out! She's more than happy to develop now pages, she just needs someone who can upload and link everything together. Please email her at ltbchristy@aol.com!

Never fear, animation fans, a replacement has been found! Control of the site has been given over to Christy, who will have updates and such posted as soon as she can! Please be patient just a while longer!

Has it really been that long since I've last updated? I can't belive it. My apologies to all the sweet loyal real-life heroines who peruse this outdated place. You have been very supportive (especially Christy) despite the fact that my interests have moved to other things. I am putting up Ginger's page, and although many more heroines are out there, I am no longer going to update this site.

*blows the dust off of the site* My apologies, friends, for being absent! My attentions have been taken over by musical theatre, but with the help of Christy and a few other faithful friends, there are a few updates! Angie and Dot's pages are fixed, and a new page for Emily is up!

New pages by Christy are up for Angie and Dot! The poll should work, and keep those contest entries coming!

Good news, everyone! My friend Drew is back with a new and vastly improved Animated Heroes Site! Check out the link and go see his artwork as well--it's fantastic! There's a new contest up, too!

Apologies--internet troubles kept this update from being posted! Anyways, there's 10 new Yum-Yum pictures up! Annie Hughes' page is up, but her poll link doesn't work yet--I'll get around to it, don't worry! A new contest is up along with the winner from the fanfic contest!

After a prolonged battle with my computer, I finally convinced it to link Violet's page! Much thanks to Christy for this page! There's a new contest up, too! Look for Tinkerbell coming next!
Sorry for the lack of activity! New contest is up, last contest's winner is posted, and there are a few more puzzles, thanks to Cassie! Violet's page is coming soon!

Happy New Year! I've updated the FAQ page with an 'Upcoming Heroines' list that was way overdue. (ducks the rabid fans who want THEIR HEROINE ON THE LIST NOW!) Ahem...and the new contest is posted. **later** A LINK to the FAQ page is up (slightly embarrassing, that) and the new forum is here..kinda.

Merry Christmas, everyone! As a Christmas gift to you all, there's something new on the quiz page! Many thanks to Christy for the inspiration!

Elastigirl's page is up, many thanks to Christy! New puzzles and a new Flip Side article are posted as well--and there is a Christmas present in the works! (Enter the contest, please?)

Rain's page is up! I hope the pictures work--I can't seen them, but that doesn't mean you can't, I've learned. Added a link to a page of heroine puzzles made by my friend, Cassie! These aren't simple--they are a little challenging! Last, but not least, a new Flip Side article is up!

The fanart contest winner is posted and the new contest is announced.

Eternity link works! It just links back to the Geocities hosted page, which I'll make much more visually appealing someday, but it works. Finally figured out why I couldn't see my own site...it may take a bit to fix, but help is on the way!

Jane's quotes are up. Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm having technical difficulties.

Babette/Fi-Fi's page is up! I now have my OWN COMPUTER WITH DSL, so expect more frequent updates! Love ya!

Atta's page is up, thanks to Christy! Fi-Fi won the poetry contest, so a Fi-Fi/Babette page is in the works! Meanwhile, check out the new contest!

As requested by Ciro, who won the banner contest, Madame Souza's page is up! (At lieast I thin it is...for some reason all my pics aren't showing up...)

Put up Ciro's banners on the main page...I'll eventually weed out the old banner and replace it with a 'Return to the Main Page' banner. Aren't they lovely? There's a new contest up! And Dory's page is up! And there's a new Flip Side article! (Boy, I'm beat!)

Fiona's page is up! Many thanks to Christy for making a page for our first computer animated heroine to be featured on this site!

Jane's page is up! Sorry for the missing quotes, I left my notebook at home, so I'll type them in later. New pictures on Wendy's page as well.
Links page is up...I hadn't realized how many were broken! This is just a start, more pages will be added as I remember them. I am going to ask that all links (save a very few exceptions) be banner links, just 'cause I can. :)
The Grand Re-Opening Commences! By my reckoning, Animated Heroines has been open for seven years! I hope you like the new look of the main page. Not all of the links work yet, but nearly everything is back! I've put new pictures and quotes and fixed many a broken link! Check out the contest page! Major re-works to the links page and the parodies page are forthcoming. Thanks for all the encouragment!