What Kind of Heroine Are You?

Ever wonder which heroine you are most like? Take this quiz and find out! You will need a writing utensil (pencil, pen, crayon, marker, or ketchup) and something to write on (paper, a wall, your hand, etc.) to record your answers unless you have a wonderful photographic memory. On with the quiz!


Add up how many of each letter you chose, and match your highest ranking ones to the descriptions below.

Question #1--Your sense of humor can best be described as:
A: Witty
B: Dry
C: Practical Jokes
D: Giggly
E: Subtle
F: You can't get anything more than a smile out of me.

Question #2--In your free time, you like to:
A: Read and add to your knowledge of the world.
B: What free time?
C: Do things you're not allowed to do.
D: Do as little as possible.
E: Pursue your obsessive hobbies.
F: Help your friends.

Question #3--Others most often describe you as:
A: Quiet but intelligent
B: An outcast.
C: Full of energy and life.
D: Shy and reserved, gentle and kind.
E: A steady, loyal friend.
F: Stylish and confident.

Question #4--When threatened, you:
A: Keep your wits about you.
B: Are ready to defend yourself.
C: Overreact and lash out.
D: Cower in fear.
E: Show the steel beneath your velvet exterior.
F: Hope desperately for the best.

Question #5--The man of your dreams:
A: Is a lot like you...you respect each other.
B: Is the sweetest guy you know.
C: What man? I don't need any man!
D: Is your hero, someone you really admire and look up to.
E: Is wonderful! Now if only you could get your parents to like him.
F: Is a hard worker.

Question #6--The one thing you most despise in a man is:
A: Stupidity
B: Arrogance
C: Laziness
D: Cowardice
E: Dishonesty
F: Selfishness

Question #7--Your man is fighting for his life! You are:
A: Giving him moral support.
B: Fighting alongside him.
C: Fighting FOR him.
D: Waiting to be rescued.
E: Making sure others don't get hurt.
F: Cheering him on and hoping for the best.

Question #8--What do you fear most?
A: Those who try to run your life.
B: Getting hurt emotionally.
C: Destruction of the things most dear to you.
D: Not ever finding your soul-mate.
E: Being forced to do something against your beliefs.
F: Missing an opportunity.

Question #9--Your typical everyday outfit is:
A: Modest and functional.
B: Colorful and sometimes daring.
C: Easy to move around in.
D: Old-fashioned and pretty but modest.
E: Soft and pretty.
F: Tasteful and flattering.

Question #10--What kind of music do you like to listen to?
A: Classical
B: Ethnic/world music
C: Anything that's fast and loud!
D: Oldies
E: Love songs
F: I don't listen to music much

Now tally your answers up!


Mostly A's--Heroine Personality Type: Smart. You're going through life with your eyes wide open. You're rarely caught off-guard and rely on your brainpower to see you through every situation. You identify most with Akima, Belle, Jane, Mulan, the Muses, and Miriam.

Mostly B's--Heroine Personality Type: Streetwise. You can take it and you can dish it out! You may have been through the school of hard knocks, but the tough exterior it created conceals a heart of gold. You are most like Esmeralda, Megara, Anastasia, Tzipporah, Amelia, Sawyer, Kida, Audrey, Nani, and Chel.

Mostly C's--Heroine Personality Type: Spirited. Look out life, here you come! There's no question in your mind that you can make a difference in your world. Your bravery and determination may come across a little strong, but you always mean the best. Heroines like you are Ariel, Atta, Crysta, Fiona, Helga, Kayley, Kiara, Lilo, Marina, Pocahontas, and Thumbelina.

Mostly D's--Heroine Personality Type: Sweet. You are always gentle and kind and would never hurt anyone with words or actions if you could help it. Some may view you as a snob or 'good little girl', but don't take their criticism to heart...they only wish they could be as perfect as you! Look to Aurora, Babette/Fi-Fi, Dory, Jane, Maid Marian, Marie, Odette, Perdita, Madame Souza, Snow White, Violet, and Vixey for guidance.

Mostly E's--Heroine Personality Type: Steadfast. You have a calm exterior, but there is steel beneath the velvet. You are a loyal friend and stand quietly but firmly for your beliefs. Other heroines with these qualities are Duchess, Eilonwy, Jasmine, Lady, Nala, Sprite, Tanya, and Wendy.

Mostly F's--Heroine Personality Type: Serene. It takes a lot to upset the balance of your life and your pleasant attitude. You like to keep things in a routine and complete your duties to the best of your ability. You are very much like Cinderella, Jenna, Miss Bianca, Nakoma, and Yum-Yum.

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