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WENDY--The oldest child of the Darling family is one of my favorite heroines. Sweet and polite usually, she can show strength and steel when threatened. She will gently fight for her dreams and fight against growing up. Her hairstyle is cute, and her nightgown is simple but becoming. Her voice is good when speaking or singing. Wendy in a word is TRUE. My favorite line: "If you dare to come near me again, I'll..."

Top Ten Wendy Quotes:
10. "Yes, girls talk too..oh."
9. "Oh, no, John, it was the left hand."
8. "See how well he steers the ship, mother?"
7. "Captain Hook, we will never join your crew."
6. "Lie, Peter, lie!"
5. "Oh my..we can fly!"
4. "Grow up?!"
3. "No! Squaw no gettum firewood, squaw go home!"
2. "Mm..especially Princess Tigerlily."
1. "If you dare to come near me again, I'll..."

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