THUMBELINA--Last, but not least, well, um, you know what I mean. Thumbelina, with her tiny size, is an easy candidate for getting into trouble. She manages to extricate herself most of the time, but not always. Her character design is basic. Her bangs are unusual, to put it nicely, but her costumes are well done. Notice her "butterfly" outfit--there's a lot of detail! Thumbelina's voice is a little high-pitched, but she sings well. In one word, Thumbelina is a SURVIVOR. My favorite line--"Will they like me?"

Top Ten Thumbelina Quotes:
10. "Oh, no, I'm not marrying, hey, wait, hey, come back here! Doesn't anybody care what I think?"
9. "I'm not your 'toots'."
8. "This isn't the vale of fairies! This is a weed patch!"
7. "I...I...what?!"
6. "No, no Hero, look...friend...see, um, how do you do sir? My name is Thumbelina. Thank you..thank you for coming to visit."
5. "He wonderful, isn't he? And..I'm going home!"
4. "Cornelius...well, that's a funny name. Oh, uh, I mean it's perfect."
3. "Oh, maybe I should take notes."
2. "But I get out in the nick!"
1. "Will they like me?"

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