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TANYA--The sweet, spunky sister of Fievel Mousekewitz is a just a little kid in An American Tail, but in the sequel, she gets a story of her own. And what a story...following your dream to find it an illusion and leaving it for your family. Tanya is given great costumes, and a great singing and speaking voice. Tanya in one word is COMPOSED. My favorite line..."Oh, yes, yes , yes, yes, YES!"

Top Ten Tanya Quotes:
10. "Look, Mama...a singer...and an actress!"
9. "I look like a real lady!"
8. "You mean, you're not all tough like you act?"
7. "Maybe if I sing in front of the toy store, they'll throw presents!"
6. "Oh, can you see...you're sitting on a mousetrap!"
5. "My public needs me."
4. "Do you ever miss the girl you left behind?"
3. "I can't do this."
2. "And loving me...AND loving me...AND LOVING ME!"
1. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!"

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