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POCAHONTAS--The most unconventional princess is quite the rebel. She always tries to do what she thinks is right, but sometimes it blows up in her face. Pocahontas is "in touch" with the earth, but she had a very playful side, too. Her character is very well done. Her face, a break from the usual big-eyed, heart-shaped face of Disney, makes her beautiful. Her hair was drawn well, and her outfit is good. Pocahontas is NOBLE. My favorite line--"What you mean is--not like you." The funniest one, though, is "Nothing's happening."

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Pocahontas' Top Ten Quotes:
10. "Our houses are fine."
9. "What you mean is--not like you."
8. "This is all my fault, it would have been better if we had never met."
7. "Get away from him."
6. "Then you should talk back."
5. "But he's so...serious."
4. "This is the path I choose, father."
3. "What am I doing? I shouldn't be seeing him again. I mean, I want to see him again."
2. "Just my people."
1. "Nothing's happening."

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