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ODETTE--Here's another heroine who is often overlooked. Odette is "The Swan Princess"'s main character. While I don't care much for her name, her voice in both singing and speaking is wonderful. We see Odette's character when she turns down a marriage proposal because the charming prince only fell for her beauty. She has a lot of spirit, defying the evil Rothbart whenever she can. Her design is pretty good, although her neck is shaped strangely at times. Her outfits are well done (My favorite is the purple dress), except for her wedding outfit. Odette, in one word, is SWEET. My favorite line--"Thank you...but what else?"

Top Ten Odette Quotes:
10. "If you want to stop me... you're going to have to kill me."
9. "I needed to know that he loved me--for just being me."
8. "You're so good at saying you're wrong."
7. "Okay, I accept."
6. "You're being sneaky again, Jean-Bob."
5. "I don't even know where I am."
4. "Don't be too disappointed if nothing happens."
3. "Every night you ask the same question. And every night, I give you the same answer. I'd die first."
2. "I'm Odette--Princess Odette."
1. "Thank you--but what else?"

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