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NALA--I love Nala--she should have been given a much bigger part in Lion King. Her look is pleasing, you can definitely tell she's an attractive lioness. Her voice is quiet and well-bred (except for the times she has to yell at Simba) Nala fits the word THOUGHTFUL. My favorite line--"Hey, genius, it was my idea."

Top Ten Nala Quotes
10. "Good; at least one of us does."
9. "Why?"
8. "We've really needed you at home."
7. "Well we don't. Simba's the rightful king."
5. "I would if you'd just tell me."
4. "What wouldn't I understand?"
3. "Simba, I'm kind of in the middle of a bath."
2. "No. Simba's gone back to challenge his uncle and take his place as king."
1. "Hey genius, it was my idea."

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