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NAKOMA--Often overlooked, Nakoma is a nicely done character, even if she doesn't get top billing in "Pocahontas". She's going to follow the path that everyone else has taken, and she's quite satisfied with that. She's not adventurous, but she does possess some wisdom. Nakoma is playful, when not trying to look "grown up". I love her voice, I wish she would have sang. Her short hair is a nice change, and her face is nicely done. I like her outfit--it's simple, but pretty. Nakoma in one word is TRADITIONAL. My favorite line--"Hmmph?!...hmmph?...hmmph!"(You have to see the movie for this one!)"


10. Nakoma doesn't have a tattoo.
9. She takes pride in her heritage.
8. She has a manageable hairdo.
7. She lies for Pocahontas, what did Pocahontas ever do for her?
6. She lets Pocahontas have a chance at the guy she likes, and Pocahontas gets him killed!
5. And even after that, she helped Pocahontas see John Smith again!
4. She acts her age.
3. She doesn't have any animal sidekicks.
2. She doesn't talk to trees.
1. She cries at the ending.


10. "Show-off."
9. "I lied for you once, don't ask me to do it again."
8. "He's one of them!"
7. "Pocahontas wishes to look into the eyes of the man who killed Kocoum."
6. "Don't you think we're getting a little old for these games?"
5. "Pocahontas, you can tell me. I promise, I won't tell anyone."
4. "(the cheer she gives Kocoum)"
3. "NO...not that...way."
2. "Sure she does."
1. "Hhmph?...hhmph?!...hhmph!"

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