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JANE--The artistic, if slightly naive heroine of Tarzan may look like the typical Disney girl, but her personality is all her own. She's not as strong or street-smart, and needs looking after, which makes for an interesting character, though not necessarily someone I would like to be like. It seems as though the way she is drawn isn't much different from Ariel or Belle, but her face does have its own unique look, and her done-up hair is very nice. Her yellow dress is frilly, but serves its purpose well. Her later outfits are a bit skimpier than what a girl of that era would wear in front of a man, even in the jungle. Though they are well-done, I doubt a skirt slit thigh-high is accurate. I adore her accent, although it's hard at times when she speaks quickly to make out what she's saying. Jane in a word is SIMPLE. My favorite line. "One...two...oh, there's a big bunch of bananas! I can't believe you fell for that old one!"

Top Ten Jane Quotes:
10. "I was saved by a flying wild man in a loin cloth!"
9. "It can't possibly get any worse, can it? I guess it can..."
8. "I come to Africa to study gorillas, and I get my sketchbook pinched by a baboon!"
7. "And his eyes...I've never seen such eyes."
6. "Did you just speak?"
5. "And, Daddy--they took my boot!"
4. "England will seem so small after all this."
3. "And no respect for personal boundaries--he was this close to me, Daddy!"
2. "Put me down, put me down...pick me up, pick me up!"
1. "One...two...Oh look, bananas! Heheh, I can't believe you fell for that one!"

A Flip Side Article--For Jane!

1. Jane taught Tarzan everything there is to know about being a human.
2. She cares a lot for Tarzan's jungle animals.
3. In the second movie Jane lives in the jungle with her tattered up clothes with only the animals to talk to yet she doesn't complain.
4. She saves Tarzan's mother at the end of the film from being taken away in a cage.
5. She helps Tarzan rescue the gorillas. (Terk did that too but---)
6 She's always happy and she's hardly ever mean or sarcastic to anyone.
7. Even if she's made fun she just ignores them and walks away. (I got that one from the television show where Terk was making fun of Jane)
8. She's always trying to help even though sometimes it may get her in trouble.
--submitted by "Jane Porter 004" (hm, must be a relation of 007)

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