Jane's Fan Page!

JANE--The practical, pragmatic, preteen has grown up far too quickly in wartime. Her view of the world is so realistic that her mother's stories and brother's playtimes are viewed as annoying interruptions to her well-ordered life. Jane likes to think she can bring order out of chaos, but finds that a little chaos...and imagination...are not quite as debilitating as she had believed. I love her hair, even though I'm not sure how historically correct it is. Her outfits are plain and drab, as would befit a child in tough times. Her voice is short of inspiring, but we get the point. Her theme song is amazing. The melody, lyrics, and haunting effect bring together the theme of belief in things we cannot see in a way that touches my soul. Jane in a word is PRACTICAL. My favorite line--"Mere child's play."

Top Ten Jane Quotes:
10. "Duty calls!"
9. "You're just a bunch of silly, ridiculous children!"
8. "I highly doubt that."
7. "Oh, I get it--I'm dreaming. You're not real."
6. "Pixie dust?"
5. "I don't want to talk about it."
4. "Alright, I give up. What's your problem?"
3. "Stay where you are!"
2. "Oh, really? How very nice for you!"
1. "Mere child's play!"

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