Helga's Fan Page

HELGA--Alright, so she's not exactly the heroine, but she is awesome! Her cool manner and self-assured demeanor let us know from the start that this girl can handle herself in any situation. I love her costumes (save the poofy hat) and her voice is perfect. Helga in a word is ACTION. My favorite quote--"Nothing personal."

Helga's Top Quotes:

10. "Get some water on that fire!"
9. "(the whole Whitmore spiel)"
8. "That would be lettuce."
7. "Someone's having a good time."
6. "I'm working on it!"
5. "Someone needs to talk to that girl."
4. "Cartographer, linguist, plumber? Hard to believe he's still single."
3. "Packard!"
2. "Move it people! Sometime today would be nice!"
1. "Nothing personal."

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