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ELASTIGIRL--also known as Helen Parr, can handle any task, be it saving the world or raising three feisty kids. Her streching ability can get her out of tight situations, but more importantly, it is her ability to stay calm and think things through that really saves the day. Her voice has a really cute accent and her design is quite attractive, especially her haircut. Short and practical, just like how a superhero should wear. Her superhero outfit is very cool-looking and her regular clothes show that she is quite adapted to the regular life. Elastigirl in one word is HEROIC. My favorite quote--"We're superheroes. What could happen?"

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Top Ten Elastigirl Quotes:
10. "You knocked down a building??"
9. "Sure you got him. I just knocked him out."
8. "Oh, you're talking about me now?"
7. "We are not going to panic...LOOK OUT!!!"
6. "Either he's in trouble, or he's going to be."
5. "They're just all getting coffee...at the same time."
4. "Both of you get a grip, or so help me, I will ground you for a month!"
3. "Whatever happened to ladies first?"
2. "Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don't think so!"
1. "We're superheroes. What could happen?"

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