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Eilonwy--from the long lost Disney movie The Black Cauldron, is a Princess of Llyr, which means that she posesses magical powers. I love her dress, which is a mix between celtic and medieval styles. Eilonwy is not like other princesses. Eilonwy is snippy, strong willed, and sarcastic. Aside from her opinionated ways, Eilonwy is very sensitive person. One word to describe Eilonwy is SECURE.

Eilonwy's Top Ten Quotes

10."Be careful Taran!"
9."Oh Gurgi, you clever little thing!"
8."Are you all right?"
7."You're charming!"
6."This just isn't right, Taran."
5."How dare you take his side!"
4."You're both horrid!!"
3."Where did you get that sword??"
2."I am Princess Eilonwy. And you are in bad trouble, aren't you?"
1."You must believe in yourself!"

Top Ten Reasons Why Eilonwy is the Best Princess
10. Eilonwy is a genuine blue-blooded princess, she didn't become a princess by marrying a prince. (like Belle and Cinderella)
9. She doesn't wear jewelry.
8. Eilonwy can sew.
7. She has magical powers!
6. Rats don't bother this princess!
5. Eilonwy doesn't sing.
4. She's not a snob.
3. Instead of being rescued, she's the rescuer.
2. Eilonwy has a really cute English accent!
1. Her life's ambition is not to fall in love and marry some handsome prince/man.

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