Duchess' Fan Page

DUCHESS--The very European cat is a beautiful portrait of a mother who isn't afraid to try new things and tries to make the best of any situation. She does this with a cultured and well-mannered personality. Duchess' design is well done, if not consistent at times, and her voice is a perfect match to her character. Duchess in one word is REFINED. My favorite line--"M'seiur, your name seems to cover all of Europe."

Top Ten Duchess Quotes

10. "You are a great talent."
9. "Very poetic."
8. "Oh! What a horrible, horrible human!"
7. "I'll never forget you, Thomas O'Malley."
6. "Delighted to meet you, M'seiur Scat Cat."
5. "Especially when he's marinated."
4. "Schvinger? What is a schvinger?"
3. "A magic carpet...just for two?"
2. "Vigvams?"
1. "M'seiur, your name seems to cover all of Europe."

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