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CRYSTA--Crysta, the fairy who is to inherit the leadership of Ferngully, is one of the better non-Disney heroines. She's always looking for adventure, especially if it has to do with humans (sound familiar?). Crysta is definitely a break from your everyday fairy--her wild shock of black hair and two-piece outfit don't fit in the normal fairy stereotype. Crysta lives for the moment, and has a competitive spirit. She's got a great look and voice, although we never get to hear her sing. Crysta in one word is SPUNK. My favorite line--"Hey, that's MY human!"

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Top Ten Crysta Quotes:
10. "You don't look so good. I think you should wait here for me."
9. "Well, I did."
8. "Batty can carry you!"
7. "Are you really a human?"
6. "What was done now undo, return you to the form that's true. Good-bye Zak."
5. "Bless your eyes with magic light, I give the gift of fairy size...uh...sight!"
4. "Oh father, do you think it's possible? Could humans still exist?"
3. "Oh, Magi."
2. "She said I should stop hanging around with losers like you."
1. "Hey, that's MY human!"

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