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CINDERELLA--The servant stepdaughter has a very distinct personality, fun-loving yet humble. She bears her lot in life with a sense of humor and her dreams also help to sustain her. I like her speaking and singing voices. Her outfits include a servant outfit, the pink dress (which was very childish and deserved to be ripped up, im my opinion), her ballgown (awesome) and one of the neatest wedding dresses that Disney's come up with. Cinderella in one word is ENDURING. My favorite line--"Maybe I should interrupt the..'music' lesson."

Top Ten Cinderella Quotes:

10. "I'm just going to have to teach you a lesson."
9. "Yes. Goodnight."
8. "Thank you. Thank you so much...for everything."
7. "What's a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be dull and boring and completely..completely wonderful."
6. "Oh you can' just can't!"
5. "Lucifer, come here!"
4. "Oh I wasn't...I mean, I do, but..."
3. "You can't keep me in here!"
2. "Oh, that clock!"
1. "Maybe I should interrupt the...'music' lesson."

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