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CHEL--The bouncy, scheming, brazen inhabitant of El Dorado is...well, not quite a heroine. She does fall in love and help keep invaders away, but makes sure she gets what she wants in the process. She has a good design, I love her hair, but her costume...can we say tea towels? Skimpy tea towels? I do love her voice, and if we knew why she wanted to leave so badly, maybe we'd care about her. Chel in one word is CUNNING. My favorite line--"So I can get out."

Top Ten Chel Quotes

10. "That's what makes it interesting."
9. "Go ahead. I'll cover for you."
8. "Save it for the high priest, honey. You're gonna need it."
7. "I'm not really asking you to trust me."
6. "No, don't worry about me boys. 'My only wish is to serve the gods.' Remember?"
5. "No. Oh! Excuse me....bye!"
4. "Like you don't want me to want to go to Spain."
3. "Think you're the only ones who dream of better things...of adventure? You've got your reasons, and I've got mine."
2. "Hck, hck...are you serious?"
1. "So I can get out."

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