Bianca's Fan Page!

Bianca-- One of the very few heroines with two good movies, this heroine certainly deserves both and does a wonderful job! Her ability to get through any situation, no matter what the obstacles is inspiring. She dresses well, and has a wonderful voice to match. She is the most beautiful of all the animated mice I've seen, and though she knows it, she doesn't flaunt it. Miss Bianca in a word is--ELEGANT. My favorite line--"No, just a pair of khaki shorts and some hiking boots."

Top Ten Bianca Quotes:
10. "Oh Bernard, I'm so happy!"
9. "This is terrible. That poor little girl!"
8. "I choose...Mr. Bernard to be my co-agent."
7. "Oh come on, we'll be a great team together!"
6. "She tried to kill us! That-that-that terrible woman! Oooh, if I was only a 10-foot mouse--I'd show her!"
5. "I already know about it--Francois told me everything and I think it's a wonderful idea!"
4. "April? No, no, we must leave tonight!"
3. "Ladies and gentleman, Bernard and I have accept the mission to Australia."
2. "Don't worry Bernard, Jake has everything under control!"
1. "No, just a pair of khaki shorts and some hiking boots."

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