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AUDREY--The young, sharp-tongued mechanic with a heart of gold is a truly intriguing character. I loved her design from the start--they finally realize that not all females wear form-fitting clothes! Her haircut is cute, and her voice well cast. The dress she wears at the end looks strange on her, but that may be because we are so used to seeing her in overalls. Audrey is a WORKER. My favorite quote--"Yeah, yeah, thank you very much. Shut up."

Top 10 Audrey Quotes:

9. "About time somebody hit him! I'm just sorry it wasn't me!"
8. "Here, knock yourself out."
7. "Lucky for us we landed in something soft."
6. "Rourke, this is wrong and you know it!"
5. "I thought you said this thing could saw through a femur in twenty-eight seconds!"
4. "Two for flinching."
3. "I used to take lunch money from guys like this."
2. "We've only got about twenty minutes..*BOOM*..make that five!"
1. "Yeah, yeah, thank you very much. Shut up."

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