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AMELIA--The feline first lady of the RLS Legacy is one of the strongest heroines ever seen on the silver screen. She's tough, no-nonsense, and has a vocabulary that dazzles the imagination. Her design is sleek and precise, and her British tones bequeath her character with a sterling presentation. The cat-woman stereotype has never been done better. Amelia in a word is EXEMPLARY. My favorite quote--"Let me make this as...monosyllabic as possible."

Top Ten Amelia Quotes:

10. "Doctor, I'd love to chat, tea, cake, the whole shebang, but I've got a ship to launch and you've got your suit to buff up."
9. "Pirates? On my ship? I'll see they all hang!"
8. "Mr. Arrow was...a fine spacer. Finer than most of us...could ever hope to be. But he knew the risks, as do we all. Resume your posts. We carry on."
7. "You can save that sort of flim-flammery for your spaceport floozies, Silver!"
6. "Mr. Arrow, I've checked this miserable ship from stem to stern and as usual, on. Can you get nothing wrong?"
5. "Don't fuss. Slight bruising...cup of tea, and I'll be as right as rain."
4. "Don't be daft. You've been very helpful, truly."
3. "Doctor, to muse and blabber about a treasure map in front of this particular crew demonstrates a level of ineptitude that borders on the imbecilic--and I mean that in a very caring way."
2. "Hello, I'm Captain Amelia, late of a few run-ins with the Protin Armada, nasty business but I won't bore you with my scars. You've met the first officer, Mr. Arrow; sterling, top, honorable, brave and true."
1. "Let me make this as...monosyllabic as possible."

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